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Let us help you oversee your training program to increase student engagement, boost their perfomance at work, and reach your business goals.

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Many organizations have spent lots of money and resources on creating courses and learning management systems only to have stalled training programs in large part due to a lack of training enforcement. Additionally, many organizations fail to evualate the effectiveness of their courses and have also failed to measure an ROI of their training program. Simply having the best courses and learning management system will not deliver the training outcomes you desire unless someone is their to oversee the training program to ensure its success.

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Managed Training Program

AidMyAgency's managed training program solutions offer company's an outsourced option to oversee your training program. We do this guiding students to complete courses successfully within the deadline so that they can immediately apply what they've learn. Once courses are launched, we guide students by first reviewing their course progress on the Learning Management System (LMS)*. We then reach out to students and offer our assistance to them in any way we can such as answering their questions and course scheduling etc. Additionally, once students complete the courses, we then monitor their performance by measuring there work output. Lastly, we measure the return on investment(ROI) of the training program so you see the results it.

We assist companies with their training programs from from small single shop independent agencies to enterprise size carriers. For small organizations, we can often times help oversee training programs for as little as one hour a week. This allows small indepenent agencies the ability to afford a training department with enterprise experience without a fulltime supporter. That's around a 90% savings!

*AidMyAgency offers an extremely simple and powerful Learning Manafement System(LMS) which is an online tool to deliver courses to student and check their progress. Click here to learn more.

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Our managed training program solutions offer the following:

  • Analyze and set students time commitment to courses
  • Goal setting for students and company
  • Assign courses to student and groups
  • Weekly checkup on students progress
  • Answering student questions
  • Weekly updates to mangement and stakeholders
  • Measuring student output after course completion
  • Measuring Training programs ROI

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AidMyAgency is an E-Learning company that helps insurance carriers, MGA's, Wholesalers, independent brokers and agents increase production and customer satisfaction through world-class online training solutions.

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