Learning Management System (LMS)

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Once training courses are created, the courses need to be delivered to your staff online. What online tool can be used to deliver the courses?

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Learning Management System (LMS)

AidMyagency's proprietary Learning Management System is a web-based system where students can take courses. It allows easy access to all course content online whenever and wherever they need it. AidMyAgency's clean and simple look makes navigating the site super simple and virtually self-explanatory.

Managers have the ability to create groups of users and can assign courses to be viewed by only that group. Users can be assigned to multiple groups and a course can be assigned to multiple groups. A use-case example would be if a carrier has two courses uploaded on the AidMyAgency LMS. One course on claims and one course to quoting and binding policies. Training managers can assemble all the claims department users to a group called "claims" and assemble the independent broker users called "brokers". Mangers would then be able to make the claims course availabe to the claims users and make the quote and bind course available to their appointed indepenent insurance agencies(brokers).

Additionally, with just one click of a button, a manager can assign a course to all users within a group. Every user in the group will receive an email notification that a course has been assigned to them and the course will be displayed as an assigned course immediately after a user logs in.

Managers also have the ability to to assign courses to a student or groups of students easily. Additionaly, managers can keep track of student progress as well as group progress presented in a table format and with stunning graphs.

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LMS Features:

  • Access all online courses in one place
  • 100% web-based
  • Create groups *
  • Assign courses to students or groups
  • Track student or group progress
  • Administer Quizzes
  • Roles and permissions
  • Email notifications**

*Examples of groups can be your claims department, customer service representatives, underwriters, independent brokers, and sales force. Courses can be mabe available to certain groups and not others.

**Email notifications can be sent to users or groups to remind them of courses to complete.

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