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Once your organization has identified a training need and created learning objectives for a course, the course would then need to be built. Do you have a subject matter expert in insurance with instructional design experience that can create the course to solve your problem? If not, who will create the course?

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Course Development

AidMyAgency develops video-based course material centered around products, systems, sales techniques and best practices for your staff and channel partners. Our solutions can save you up to 75% compared to traditional training methods. All courses are custom made to fit your needsOur deliverables to you are course materials and video files that can be uploaded to your website, AidMyAgency's Learning Management System(LMS)* or any other LMS.

*AidMyAgency's Learning Manafement System(LMS) is an online tool to deliver courses to student and check their progress. Click here to learn more.

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Courses we can help you create

  • Safety courses to reduce accidents and loss ratios

    Perfect for carriers and MGA’s offering courses to there insured’s

  • Systems training to CSRs and producers on carrier portals and raters

    Perfect for carriers and MGA's offering courses to their appointed independent brokers looking to write more business, retain customers, and reduce loss ratios.

    Perfect for independent brokers looking to write new business and retain customers.

  • Underwriting guidelines and insurance policy management systems training

    Perfect for carriers and MGA’s offering courses to get underwriters on the same page.

  • Courses that highlight product differentiation

    Perfect for carriers and MGAs offering courses to educate their appointed independent insurance agencies on product differeniation.

    Perfect for insurance agencies looking to cross-sell.

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What makes us different?

What makes us different is our combined expertise in insurance, instructional design, and video editing. We leverage that expertise to craft courses with minimal time and effort on your part. Since we speak the insurance language and have worked in the insurance industry, this allows us to better understand your needs and craft course within your deadline.

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Highlights about our courses:

  • Courses are designed and crafted specifiacally for your students needs, organization needs, and your needs
  • Our courses are video-based
  • Courses are broken down into short, to-the-point videos. A video will usually be no longer than 3 minutes
  • Scripted for talking points, not written for textbook
  • Created by insurance professionals
  • Courses can be created in English and Spanish

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Our process:

  • Create learing objectives and audience analysis *
  • Outline development
  • Script and Storyboarding development **
  • Image and graphics research
  • Audio recording and screen capture
  • Syncing and editing
  • Course file delivery

*More details can be found on our Needs Assessment page. Click here to learn more

**Our insurance experience allows us to script a course from scratch and submit to you for approval. This saves you time by avoiding the need to write the scripts yourself and educating a trainer about a course topic. Once you approve the course outline, we get to work on writing a script while you get back to work doing other more important things.

Recent Projects

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Founders Insurance Private Passenger Auto (1 hr 25m)
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Foundations of American Freedom PTS for Private Passenger Auto (1h 45m)
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Unique and Lighthouse Private Passenger Auto (2h 17m)
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American Alliance Private Passenger Auto (1h 35m)

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