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You've identified a problem or something that can be improved in your organization. Maybe a carrier's sales goal has not been achieved. An MGA has been wanting to push a particular product to their appointed independent brokers but have not been successful at it. Or maybe an independent broker has not been able to achieve cross-selling goals. You've concluded that these problems or improvements can be solved with training. But where do you go from there?

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Needs Assessment

AidMyAgency's training needs assessment is a process to identify specific training needs to solve your problem. It allows us to collaborate with you to identify what your company goals are such as increasing employee output for a particular metric such as sales, turn-around time, or increased accuracy. Once we have an understanding of the problem and a clear vision of the goal, we list out the courses that are needed for success along with their descriptions and learning objectives. You may then take this information to your team for further development *.

*AidMyAgency can help you create the courses. More details can be found on our Course Development page. Click here to learn more

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Our process:

  • We kick off by discussing and documenting the areas you’ve identified the need for improvement for your staff and business.
  • We then discuss and document the desired outcomes for your staff and business
  • We analyse your audience’s background. The goal of this analysis is to ensure optimal course development based on your audiences background
  • We formulate the training needs for your for you organization
  • We provide you with a report(deliverable) of our formulated list of courses along with their descriptions learning objectives

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Our Deliverables

Our deliverable to you is a report that contains the following:

  • A summary of our discussion focusing on the areas of improvement and the desired outcomes for the staff and business
  • A description and analysis of your audience
  • Detailed description of your training needs
  • A list of courses and their corresponding descriptions and learning objectives
  • Instructional design recommendations that will be best suited for your audiences success
  • A list of our recommended Learning Management Systems to deliver the courses
  • Course evaluation recommendations. The recommendations are used to measure the effectiveness of the course by measuring your audience's work output as well as an overall Return On Investment (ROI) of the courses

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AidMyAgency is an E-Learning company that helps insurance carriers, MGA's, Wholesalers, independent brokers and agents increase production and customer satisfaction through world-class online training solutions.

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