1. Before We Dive In  
         1.1. Introduction (1m 39s)
         1.2. Why Unique and Lighthouse? (0m 55s)
2. Quoting  
         2.1. Introduction (1m 28s)
         2.2. Bridging the Applicant's Information (0m 47s)
         2.3. Transaction Information and Agency Information (1m 32s)
         2.4. Applicant Information (2m 23s)
         2.5. Policy Information (2m 48s)
         2.6. Policy Holder Information (0m 32s)
         2.7. Prior Carrier Information (1m 53s)
         2.8. Verifying and Updating a Driver's Information (3m 48s)
         2.9. Driver's License Codes and Statuses (3m 12s)
         2.10. Mature Driver Discount (1m 5s)
         2.11. Adding More Drivers and Violations (4m 11s)
         2.12. Removing and Replacing Drivers and Violations (2m 22s)
         2.13. A Look at a Vehicle's Information (1m 54s)
         2.14. Adding More Vehicles and Removing and Replacing Vehicles (4m 22s)
         2.15. Lienholders (3m 19s)
         2.16. Reviewing and Updating Coverages (2m 17s)
         2.17. Legal Expense Coverage (1m 14s)
         2.18. Accidental Death Coverage--Lighthouse Only (0m 44s)
         2.19. Policy Underwriting Questions (0m 48s)
         2.20. A Look at the Premium (2m 47s)
         2.21. Retrieving a Saved Quote (0m 37s)
3. Binding  
         3.1. Introduction (0m 22s)
         3.2. Submitting a Quote for Binding (0m 51s)
         3.3. Retrieving Policy Documents (0m 35s)
         3.4. Retrieving a Policy (0m 40s)
4. A Tour of a Policy's Information  
         4.1. Introduction (0m 31s)
         4.2. Policy Info (0m 58s)
         4.3. Drivers/Vehicles/Coverages (1m 25s)
         4.4. Print History (2m 48s)
         4.5. Billing (2m 42s)
         4.6. Policy History (0m 38s)
         4.7. Notes (0m 57s)
         4.8. Attachments (0m 41s)
5. Endorsements  
         5.1. Introduction (0m 41s)
         5.2. Removing a Vehicle (2m 6s)
         5.3. Adding a Vehicle and Making Changes to a Vehicle (1m 38s)
         5.4. Replacing a Vehicle (1m 21s)
         5.5. Mailing Address Change (1m 11s)
         5.6. Removing a Driver (1m 7s)
         5.7. Adding a Driver and Changing a Driver's Status (1m 48s)
         5.8. Replacing a Driver (1m 36s)
         5.9. Adding a Lienholder (1m 24s)
         5.10. Removing a Lienholder (1m 13s)
         5.11. Replacing a Lienholder (1m 31s)
6. Renewals  
         6.1. Introduction (0m 18s)
         6.2. When Can a Policy Be Renewed? (0m 39s)
         6.3. Binding a Renewal With No Other Changes (1m 4s)
         6.4. Binding a Renewal After Making a Change (1m 20s)
7. Policy Servicing  
         7.1. Introduction (0m 31s)
         7.2. How to Retrieve Policy Documents (0m 50s)
         7.3. How to Verify a Policy's Status (0m 41s)
         7.4. Active Status Defined (0m 36s)
         7.5. When an Active Policy May Be Cancelled (0m 39s)
         7.6. Cancelled Status Defined (1m 38s)
         7.7. Expired Status Defined (0m 38s)
         7.8. How to Contact Unique and Lighthouse (1m 19s)