1. Before We Dive In  
         1.1. Introduction (1m 27s)
         1.2. Why American Alliance? (1m 12s)
         1.3. Enabling Pop-Ups from the American Alliance Website in Explorer and Chrome (2m 48s)
2. Quoting  
         2.1. Introduction (1m 29s)
         2.2. Bridging the Applicant's Information from ITC to American Alliance (1m 55s)
         2.3. Policy Term and Insured Info (2m 38s)
         2.4. Verifying and Updating a Driver's Information (4m 5s)
         2.5. Adding More Drivers and Violations (3m 58s)
         2.6. Removing and Replacing Drivers and Violations (2m 25s)
         2.7. Vehicles Page: Transfer Discount (2m 9s)
         2.8. Vehicles Page: Policy Coverages Section (0m 47s)
         2.9. Verifying and Updating Vehicle Information (2m 53s)
         2.10. Adding, Removing and Replacing Vehicles (2m 24s)
         2.11. Lienholders (4m 5s)
         2.12. Questionnaire (2m 47s)
         2.13. Applicant's Statement (2m 43s)
         2.14. A Look at the Premium (1m 38s)
         2.15. Retrieving a Quote (1m 4s)
3. Binding  
         3.1. Introduction (0m 20s)
         3.2. Binding the Quote (1m 54s)
         3.3. Policy Documents (1m 41s)
4. A Tour of the Policy's Information  
         4.1. Introduction (1m 3s)
         4.2. Insured Info (2m 2s)
         4.3. Coverages (2m 17s)
         4.4. Transactions (2m 11s)
         4.5. History (0m 36s)
         4.6. Imaging (1m 47s)
         4.7. Actions (0m 52s)
5. Endorsements  
         5.1. Introduction (0m 55s)
         5.2. Removing a Vehicle (3m 12s)
         5.3. Adding a Vehicle and Making Changes to a Vehicle (3m 8s)
         5.4. Replacing a Vehicle (1m 58s)
         5.5. Garaging Address Change (1m 29s)
         5.6. Mailing Address Change (1m 22s)
         5.7. Removing a Driver (1m 26s)
         5.8. Adding a Driver and Changing a Driver's Status (2m 36s)
         5.9. Replacing a Driver (1m 40s)
         5.10. Adding a Lienholder (2m 15s)
         5.11. Removing a Lienholder (1m 40s)
         5.12. Replacing a Lienholder (1m 47s)
         5.13. Endorsements You Cannot Process on Your Own and Must Request from American Alliance (2m 5s)
6. Renewals  
         6.1. Introduction (0m 20s)
         6.2. When Can a Policy Be Renewed? (1m 8s)
         6.3. Looking Up the Renewal Premium Amount (1m 32s)
         6.4. Binding a Renewal (2m 13s)
7. Policy Servicing  
         7.1. Introduction (0m 42s)
         7.2. Retrieving Policy Documents (2m 28s)
         7.3. How to Verify a Policy's Status (2m 1s)
         7.4. Active Status Defined (0m 37s)
         7.5. When an Active Policy May Be Cancelled (0m 40s)
         7.6. Cancel Status Defined (1m 46s)
         7.7. Expired Status Defined (0m 38s)
         7.8. How to Contact American Alliance (0m 45s)